The knowledge of the branding environment and of the strategies necessary for the development of a brand are fundamental within nss factory and are achieved thourgh the realization of different merch and capsule collections of which nss factory follows the development and the creative process at 360 °, from the ideation of the concept to the management of the online store, through platforms developed specifically for the customer.

Think about the second life of a football tee, how do you imagine it? “Les Vêtements de Football” was born from this precise idea, to figure out how to re-interpret the most iconic element of the football world: the jersey.

This is because football goes far behind the green field and influences our life, our subcultures in a visceral and intrinsic way. Football was, and is returning to be, part of our daily life and is then fundamental to keep track of this relationship.

With “Les Vêtements de Football” we want to tell this incredible story, the story of how football shaped an entire generation, from gabber to streetwear, becoming something more than a sport. From rave parties to Paninaro attitude, football took part to the evolution of our own society.

For this reason – after the first three drops – the project is ready to expand its vision: “Les Vêtements de…” will deliver to every football passionate a new way to understand the jersey tradition.

Converse One Star
by Liberato

The only time these One Star Converse by Liberato were sold was during his concert in Milan June 9. This drop is the first online sale of the sneakers created by the artist.

White street market

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