Everything started in


with a streetstyle blog, but soon we grew up and made us known with what had become our digital magazine and public showcase: nssmag.com

In a few time we started working as a full-service digital media agency, strong of the channels we developed with the magazine.

With always the research as main objective we estblished ourselves for our working "below the line", with a powerful and fresh communication with a wise use of social networks and new technologies.

We are today able to take care and manage our clients' image, developing innovative contents in multiple areas of expertise.


Art direction / Campaign / Lookbook / Shooting / Styling / Visual merchandising

The nssmag.com experience and the developing of our network (see theatelier.me as reference) allow us to have always an updated and critical point of view in the fashion system.

This has become our plus to arrange inusual campaign, straight lookbooks, viral projects and guerilla marketing tasks.

The web is our teacher, where we take ideas that we transform in new projects.
In other words we can imagine the campaign, realize it and then promote it all over the world thanks our network and web channel.


Brand identity / Graphic Design / Viral/Guerrilla Marketing / Event management

As a full-service agency we can develop projects of communication both in the "digital" and in the "real" world.

Branding and print design

We can design your new logo and develop your brand strategy with an all new corporate image project.

Event management

We can assist or manage totally the organization of your event. From the choice of the location to the PRs activity.


Web design / Web development / SEO/SEM / Social media marketing

Web design and development

We crafted our own framework along with his dedicate content management sistem.

With this strength we can develop everything you want, without the limitations of an open-source one.

We pay always attention in using the latest technologies (as HTML5, CSS3...) to develop beautiful and efficient responsive websites.


Along with our framework we developed our own e-commerce platform, to give our clients infinite possibilities

Social media marketing

We can plan and manage your social media strategy, with the developing of dedicated apps, games and advertising.

We can support you in making more followers on all your social media accounts.


Content management / Copywriting / Web editing

With our strong experience of the magazine we can manage your website and/or magazine contents.

All our contributors will help your brand produce better and more enjoyable contents.

Video Production

Copywriting / Direction / Editing / Postproduction / Videomaking

We live in the digital era, the promotion and the communication through videos and images has become a primary and winning choice for every company.

Video teasers and fashion films represent the new way to express brand values.

Location's choice, casting, talent scouting, direction and editing are just some ot the emost important steps to do somethign of really strong and new.

A video must be fresh and updated in accordance with the digital paramaters. The web is always our home and we want to choiche the best interior to put inside.